About Us

This way up Las Vegas supports food, clothing and basic needs services already in place serving the homeless and working poor in the Greater Las Vegas area, filling in the gaps wherever we can and helping them become a stronger force in the community.

Although we do take help directly to the homeless when needed our goal is not to compete with or replace established services, but to provide support and help strengthen them. We have many services throughout our valley with many different needs. Our goal is to help provide these services with more resources than is possible on their own and to provide our citizens with a simple and effective way to support them.

The needs of these services are immense but not insurmountable. If we all do a little we can help them become more effective and give hope and stability to those in need.

Whether you donate through us or through another local organization please get involved. You have no idea the impact you can make on someone’s life.

Email: info@thiswayuplv.org
Twitter: @thiswayuplv


3 Responses to About Us

  1. Memere says:

    Everyone can do a little something to make a huge difference in someone’s life.

  2. Bruce Roller says:

    Great sentiment in a few words! If our competition is too do more good than anyone else in the world, that’s a good thing. Every other thing we do needs to be collaborative. There is enough need to go around.

    Thanks for your very rational, superbly human and utterly divine philosophy of helping each other to help everybody. I look forward to seeing more of your writing and hope that the spirit you exhibit here permeates the world.

    Peace to you.

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